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Route maps are used when redistributing routes into an OSPF, RIP, or EIGRP routing process. They are Route-maps are more flexible than ACLs and can verify routes based on criteria which ACLs can not verify. For example, a route map can verify if the type of route is internal. De.ed Steps Customizing a Route Map.Step 2: Configure Routing, Summarization, and Redistribution. In this step, we will configure EIGRP on R1 and R2, and OSPF on R2 and R3. On R1, create a supernet route summarizing the loopback networks and configure EIGRP in autonomous system 1..This chapter from CCNP Routing and Switching Portable Command Guide provides information about redistribution topics..Note: The mechanics of route redistribution is proprietary on Cisco routers. The rules for redistribution on a Cisco router dictate that the redistributed route be present in the routing table. It is not sufficient that the route be present in the routing topology or database. Complete these steps in order to configure this:.

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    Route maps are like duct tape for the networkthey can be applied to numerous situations to address many issues. At times, they may not be the most "pretty solutions," but they will be very effective. Karl Solie and Leah Lynch show you how to configure and use route maps..

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    The IPv6 header is always present and is a fixed size of 40 bytes. Zero or more extension headers can be present and are of varying lengths. The upper layer protocol data unit PDU usually consists of an upper layer protocol header and its payload for example, an ICMPv6 message, a .

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