Identify Rear Axle

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The Bill of Material BOM number is used to identify Dana differentials. The BOM will identify the model number, the gear ratio, the type of differential, and all component parts.. - Seasoned car guys can often identify cars at first sight. But how many of us can easily ID a vehicle 's rear axle? It 's a handy skill to have for sure especially when you 're scouring a junkyard for a replacement axle or evaluating a potential project vehicle. We 've put together this visual guide to help you hone . the tag number or axle stamp. If it was always that easy we wouldn 't need to go further, but unfortunately years of abuse from road debris have more than likely wiped that number from existence. It 's also important to note that any previous swapping of gear sets or rear end gears will make this method of identifying the .The inspection cover faces the back of the vehicle and can be seen by forward from the rear of the car, under the license plate. Some Dana units share the same number of bolts, however, this aids in a process of elimination. Compare the bolt number to the Dana section of Nationwide Parts ' Differential Identification .

.er rear axle shafts offer a complete repair solution for your car, pickup truck, or SUV, including the studs, bearings, and seals you need. When it comes to .Chevelle Rear End | El Camino Rear End. Generic Rear Axle Information. The date code on a rear end housing is simple to decode. For , It includes .Main page for Camaro Rear Axle Information, Decoding and Restoration..Sierra Gear Axle's comlete line of stock replacement rear axle shafts for Ford are the best in the industry..

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