Identify Rare Item

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- Un-Identified items have the possibility to give you that "Holy $hit" if the item stats are great The majority of items I have come across are minor upgrades at best However, I realize I am still in Normal and don 't expect anything gamebreaking in Normal. My hope is having a better chance at getting better . - As of Patch 2.0.1, the below answer is out of date. Rare items no longer need to be identified. Legendary items still do, though. Just right click them to reveal which item you 've discovered. Just right click the item. A short cast bar animation will appear and you 'll identify the item yourself, no need to go .Response to:///211678/how-do-i-identify-an-item-in-diablo-3 This .[deleted]. [-]MilkysliceChieftain 6 points7 points year ago 1 child . if you sell 5x the same rare item you get one unidentified rare item with the same baseitemtype. So you alch/essence for excample 5 two toned boots, sell those, get the unid boots and you complete one part of the unid challenge..

Identification of Antique Old Swords, Knives, Bayonets, Firearms, Guns, Polearms, and other Weaponry of the World.IMPORTANT!Please Read When posting an item for identification help, PLEASE provide ALL the information you can about your item, including but not limited to:.An online museum of some of the rarest and most desireable matchbooks and matchcovers..SUMMING UP: After plowing through an unusually full inbox of reader e-mails, Jim Heskett wonders whether the term "servant leadership" is an oxymoron?.

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