Identify Ram Speed

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I also adjusted the timing in the BIOS to get the factory RAM settings up to the advertised s.d. Where on my PC can I go to confirm that my RAM is running at the proper MHz s.d? The system display just shows how much RAM is installed and the s.d of the CPU..

Findout how to identify different sizes of computer memory RAM? DDR SDRAM MEMORY, DDR SDRAM, SIand DI., Memory types PC2100, PC2700 PC3200 DDR SDRAM Ram memory..Jump to section: Identify the problem; Low storage; What's wrong with widgets? Disable animations; Free up RAM; Reboot; Software updates; More troubleshooting.RAMMon is an easy to use Windows based application that allows users to quickly retrieve the Serial Presence Detect SPD data from their RAM modules..Find Memory RAM Upgrade for Computer Desktop PCs, Laptop Notebooks Servers. Add or Replace RAM for Dell, HP Compaq Notebooks..

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