Identify Ram Module By Pn

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Retreive Serial Presence Detect data from RAM modules for Windows PC. number, model part number, the CAS latencies supported and the module voltage.. - In the days of 30 pin modules memory chips only held one bit per address and you could only fit 8 chips on a module so to "fill" the 486CPU 's . - .o, and before anybody asks, I did look it up on google. I didn 't find any clear way that said how to find it out. Is there a way to find it out? .

How to identify the size of RAM modules? It is possible to identify the chips by part number. You have to identify the size of each the chips on a module, and then multiply the size by the number of chips on the module to determine its memory capacity..RAMMon displays the values stored on RAM module such as the memory capacity, the manufactuer, serial number, model part number, the CAS latencies supported and the module voltage. Also, depending on your RAM type, other specific SPD data can be retreived as well..Quickly identify RAM chips with these tips. RIMM is the trademarked name for a Direct Rambus in-line memory module. RIMM chips are similar to DIbut have 184 pins and transfer data in 16 .That shows the the Manufacturer Name, Part Number, Memory type, Socket Name, s.d of the memory chip. DeviceLocator field tells you the label of the socket in the System board that holds the memory, such as DIMM1, DIMM2, DIMM 3 and DIMM4 The most important field is the Memory type.It's indicated in CIM values..

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