Identify Rainforrest Plant

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Start Identification Species Information. - Browse All - Browse by Family - Browse by Common Names. About. - Introduction - History of the project - About the rainforest - Acknowledgements. Resources. - Character help notes - Glossary - How to use the key - Feedback . - The Amazon Rainforest alone contains overs 40,000 plant species! The, humid climate in the world 's tropical regions provide ideal conditions for plant life. However, there is a lot of compe.ion for sunlight and nutrients. Plants have to adapt to find their place in the ecosystem. Some plants grow faster, .PLANTS OF THE RAINFOREST. Scenic Rainforest A tropical greenhouse. More than two thirds of the world 's plant species are found in the tropical rainforests: plants that provide shelter and food for rainforest animals as well as taking part in the gas exchanges which provide much of the world 's oxygen supply. Rainforest .

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