Identify Quadrajet

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- If it has an M before the 4, that 's a "modified" Quadrajet, built starting in 1975. All Rochester Quadrajet carburetors are identified by a seven- or eight-digit GM part number. On units made before mid-1968, the part number was stamped around the outside edge of a round metal tag attached to the fuel bowl.. - Quadrajet Carburetor Numbers 68 and later. In and after about 1968, stamped numbers were used for identification. The large flat area on the main body just above the secondary throttle shaft has a series of numbers stamped into the casting. In most cases these numbers can be used to identify the year . - QUADRAJET CASTING NUMBER CHART HOW TO IDENTIFY A QUADRAJET AND DECIPHER THE CASTING NUMBERS Carburetor Designation/Identification CASTING NUMBERS Through the years of production, the manufacturer used numbers for carburetor identification. Very early Quadrajets had .Rochester Quadrajet carburetors up to and including the 1967 model year were identified by a round, pressed-in aluminum 'bottle cap ' tag on the driver 's side of the float bowl near the front. Starting in 1968, the number was stamped on the driver 's side of the float bowl above the secondary throttle shaft..

In order to determine which TV Made Ez kit you need, take a look at the 3 categories below and find the listing that best matches your .Identify marine carburetor by model or picture. We stock Rochester Holley MerCarb Weber Carter Solex carburetors for MerCruiser OMC and Volvo Penta.The Quadrajet carburetor has been used for decades, and we show you how to identify each variation..Corvette Base Mair 9th injector style Aluminum heads 86 and older .

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