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- Today we offer ideas for direct marketers who are on a budget of them online, to identify a small number of highly qualified prospects.. - You can make prospecting easier by using a variety of new techniques, so before you reach for the phone, consider using these tactics instead..Prospects. Track prospects ' visits to your site in real time, determine which companies are the most en.ed, and set up custom email notifications for your team..

There's a reason why I il.rated this article with a cartoon of a couple on a date, because finding the ideal prospect for your products or services is all about finding the right match. Just like dating, without that proper fit, the relationship is likely to fizzle, which drains your marketing resources..Back to Insight. Part One: Identifying New Donor Prospects Growing Your Pipeline of Prospective Donors . The science of fundraising requires the identification of enough prospects at the necessary levels to reach your major gift objectives..Bonus: Based on today's conversation, do you think our solution would add value to your business? Never be afraid to get a definitive confirmation that the prospect actually wants to move forward. This removes any and all doubt, and upon getting a YES, means that the conversation is worth moving forward..Not everyone on your radar is a prospect for your product or service. If you're pitching to people who truly don't need or can't afford to buy what you have to sell, then you're wasting your time..

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