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- With that said, below are 9 commands for getting info about your Linux CPU. Get CPU Info Using cat Command. lscpu Command - Shows CPU Architecture Info. cpuid Command - Shows x86 CPU. dmidecode Command - Shows Linux Hardware Info. Inxi Tool - Shows Linux System Information. lshw Tool - List Hardware Configuration..

In this tutorial, I describe how to identify CPU processor architecture from the command line on Linux. A CPU processor architecture is characterized by the number of physical sockets/processors, the number of cores per processor , multi-level L1/L2/L3 cache, NUMA Non-uniform memory access configuration, etc..Multi-core processor architecture becomes increasingly popular nowadays. This trend is accelerated by the need for supporting multi-tenant hardware virtualization, high-performance computing applications, and Internet-scale workloads in data centers. As a server administrator and cloud architect, you must be aware of the CPU processor architecture of servers, so that server applications can .H ow do I display CPU information like number of CPUs, threads, cores, sockets, NUMA nodes, information about CPU caches, CPU family, model and stepping and their s.d on Linux operating systems? You need to use Proc /proc file system provides information about CPU and their s.d which is a pseudo-filesystem.It is used as an interface to kernel data structures..

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    Multi-core processor architecture becomes increasingly popular nowadays. This trend is accelerated by the need for supporting high-performance computing applications, hardware virtualization, and server consolidation in data centers..

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