Identify Process From Pid

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- On all POSIX-compliant systems, and with Linux, you can use ps : ps -p 1337 -o comm= Here, the process is selected by its PID with -p . The -o option specifies the output format, comm meaning the command name. See also: ps - The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6 .

I need to identify the P rocess ID of an executing batch file from a PowerS v1.0 script. Can anyone suggest a way of doing this? Thanks, MagicAndi..I am starting an executable using this code: Process proc = new Process ; proc.StartInfo.FileName = executablePath; proc.Start ; .Medicine. Pelvic inflammatory disease or pelvic inflammatory disorder, an infection of the upper part of the female reproductive system; Primary immune deficiency .On Linux, you must be root or the other user to get process information for processes running as other users, so prepending sudo is most of what you need..

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