Identify Prime Movers Muscle

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Although many of the body 's muscles are small, and work in accordance with other muscles for proper movement, there are large muscles, within the body, that are primarily responsible for certain body movements. These major muscles are considered prime movers because they are the primary muscles involved in the .

General Review: Muscle Recognition 11. Identify the lettered muscles in the diagram of the human anterior superficial musculature by matching the letter.The muscular system is made up of specialized cellsed muscle fibers. Their main function is contractibility. Muscles, connected to bones or internal organs and .Fig. 2. Average muscle/segment onset time s for 24 subjects during dynamic shoulder joint abduction. The vertical dashed line at zero seconds represents the start of .Origin and Insertion. Most skeletal muscle is attached to bone on its ends by way of what we tendons. As the muscles contract, they exert force on the bones .

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