Identify Premium Rate Numbers

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I have just received my Virgin/ntl bill, and see that there is a 10 second to a premium rate line at a cost of 1.50. As there are only two people who use the phone, me and my wife, I know we haven 't made the. How can I discover the owner of the phone number 09040498233 which is designated as .Virgin Mobile charged a text message I sent to a mobile number beginning with 0747 at their premium rate. They say there 's no easy way to identify such numbers from normal network mobile numbers and they are not included in the usual monthlys and text allowances. Is this correct and the same for .

Connectivity. We supply premium rate numbers, shared cost numbers, geographic numbers, freephone numbers and UIFN numbers worldwide. The Daotec numbering .09 Numbers Premium rate service numbers What are 09 numbers? All UK telephone numbers beginning with the digits 09 are service numbers. These phone numbers are .We provide cost-efficient pricing for 200 conference dial-in numbers in 96 countries to bring you closer to your business, clients and teams.. The Application must include all data referred to in 1861.05 b of the California Insurance Code CIC , a justification of the rate and that the rate .

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