Identify Pottery Marking On Figurines

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You can look for your mark by shape below or you can use the mark search box on the bottom right of the page. To scan by shape, look at your mark and .Pottery marks identification is made easy and fun with this one-stop interactive site..Identifying pottery marks is what this page is all about. We have a forum where you post your queries and get help to answer them..

American pottery mark reference to help identify pottery pieces. Learn about the your antique marked pots china, the potteries and makers in this article..Metal Detecting, Treasure Hunting, Unidentified Metal Detecting Finds.Antique china values are not such a difficult thing to attain nowadays. Find out more .. On this page are the third series of questions that our ceramics expert Clive Hillier is dealing with from his pottery messageboard. Keep checking to find out if he has answered YOUR question!.

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