Identify Potential Deswign Deficiencies

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More information about Navigant can be found at IDENTIFYING . MANAGING DESIGN. AND CONSTRUCTION. DEFECTS. INTRODUCTION defect; how do defects arise; and how can defects be identified and managed? Construction defects can . increased potential for design deficiencies. In some .Understand the types of construction defects, how to identify them and help prevent future liability claims. defect are presented, understanding each of these potential failure mechanisms design, installation, products and operation/maintenance can help to identify potential culpable parties. #1 Design Deficiencies..Purpose. The basic purposes of any EFMEA are to: 1. Identify potential failure modes and rate the severity of their effects 2. Rankorder potential design and process deficiencies 3. Help engineers focuson eliminating equipment design and process concerns and help prevent problems from occurring . - This research attempts to identify the perceived causes of errors in the design. phase of residential buildings that result in waste. The research focused on the. architect due to his/her involvement from the initial stages of the project. The reason. for selecting the stage is that many of the project deficiencies .

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