Identify Potential Deswign Deficiencies In Computer

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More information about Navigant can be found at IDENTIFYING . MANAGING DESIGN. AND CONSTRUCTION. DEFECTS. INTRODUCTION. In the construction industry, . The introduction of computer-aided design with its dependence on increased potential for design deficiencies. In some cases the .These deficiencies are important because they have been shown to increase the potential for erroneous actions and to impair the physician 's ability to detect and recover from errors e.g., Cook, Woods, and Howie,. 1992 . In this paper we extend the results of those stu.s of physician interaction with computer-based .In the failure-mode effects portion of theysis the computer is used primarily for bookkeeping purposes: however, function evaluation, using performance models 7.1 FAILURE MODE AND EFFECTSYSIS The purpose of the FMEA is to identify potential hardware design deficiencies including undetectable failure . 8 Computer resources support, to a Identify computer resources support-related interim mechanisms required to overcome potential deficiencies in required 11 Design interface, to a Develop critical support characteristics for example, logistic-related reliability, availability, and maintainability and manpower .

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