Identify Postage Stamps

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With the exception of Great Britain all postage stamps must have the name of the country of issuance on them. As the first country to issue postage stamps Great .To find the catalogue number, you can use the "Scott Catalog Numbers" which lists all the US postage stamp identification. Search for your stamps ' image under the country heading; below the il.ration is a list which contains a variety of the stamp..To find your stamps value please enter a brief description such as scene or words represented on stamp, denomination and color use only simple colors of your stamps..Hosted by The Stamp Collector website, the purpose of the Worldwide Il.rated Stamp Identifier is toist in identifying the country of origin of particularly .

To identify postage stamps used in Ireland between , it is necessary to identify the postmark cancelling the stamp as being from an Irish town.Stamps used during this period are referred to as Great Britain used in Ireland From , the Penny Black, and other stamps issued, were obliterated with the Maltese Cross .MENU; STAMP IDENTIFIER; PURCHASE SCOTTS CATALOG; QUICK NAVIGATE; ABOUT *CLICK* on a STAMP below to identify it The stamps are pictured in the order of their date of design >.What is the Value of Old Postage Stamps? Everyone has a few Old Postage Stamps and Wonder What are these Stamps Worth.This article lists people who have been featured on United States postage stamps, listed by their name, the year they were first featured on a stamp, and a very short description of their notability.Since the United States Post Office issued its first stamp in 1847, over 4,000 stamps have been issued and over 800 people featured..

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