Identify Postage Stamps

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While identification by country may initially satisfy you, many collectors will want to know when their stamp was issued and how much it is worth. Catalogs exist to help in this way. In the United States the Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue is the standard used by most collectors. In six volumes it lists nearly all the postage .To find the catalogue number, you can use the "Scott Catalog Numbers" which lists all the US postage stamp identification. Search for your stamps ' image under the country heading; below the il.ration is a list which contains a variety of the stamp.. - Also, you know the difference between used and unused, but do you know how unused and mint stamps differ? Let me show you some techniques for identifying your stamps! Used, Unused, and Mint Stamps. First of all - a used stamp has actually been used for postage. It has a cancellation on it, and .

MENU; STAMP IDENTIFIER; PURCHASE SCOTTS CATALOG; QUICK NAVIGATE; ABOUT *CLICK* on a STAMP below to identify it The stamps are pictured in the order of their date of .You have found a box filled with old postage stamps in your attic. You are not so sure how to identify old postage stamps but you have a gut feeling that you have .Includes: basic criteria used for valuing stamps, how to find the value of old postage stamps, professional appraisals, and keep current..Stamps are the simplest way to pay for postage. Pay for all your regular 1st 2nd Cland International standard letters and parcels with stamps..

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