Identify Postage Stamp

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While identification by country may initially satisfy you, many collectors will want to know when their stamp was issued and how much it is worth. Catalogs exist to help in this way. In the United States the Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue is the standard used by most collectors. In six volumes it lists nearly all the postage .Collecting stamps can never be more fun when you know what postage stamp you are collecting. So you want to become an expert philatelist? Learning how to identify old postage stamps like a pro is the best way to go! Postage stamp identification is a crucial aspect in basic or technical philately as it stu.s the initial . - Also, you know the difference between used and unused, but do you know how unused and mint stamps differ? Let me show you some techniques for identifying your stamps! Used, Unused, and Mint Stamps. First of all - a used stamp has actually been used for postage. It has a cancellation on it, and .

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