Identify Positraction

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- The limited-slip differential, withnd names such as Positraction, Sure Grip, Anti-Spin or Safe-T-Track, was an essential weapon in the .Identifying Ford Vehicles Equipped with OE Traction Rear Ends be used to determine if you vehicle is factory equipped with a limited slip positraction rear end .The 12-bolt rearends came in both open differential and Positraction configurations, and because the axle appeared in so many Chevrolets, you can still find .

How to Identify a 10-Bolt, 8.5-inch Posi Rear End by Vincent Basehart When it comes to getting power to the pavement, GM's 10-bolt, 8.5-inch rear end with Positraction is a hero.. The term Posi refers to GM Positraction, so techni.y it was never installed on a a Ford. Gov Lock is also a GM-specific limited slip rear end. Ford used Traction-Lok for most applications, and for a few cars you could order a Detroit Locker. I've owned cars with Traction Lok, but I don't know how it differs techni.y from .Identify by Differential Cover Shape Like we said, if it was as easy as reading a number, this article would've ended at the beginning. Unfortunately, the problem is thanks to your love of off-roading and years of dirt and dust, your tag number is long gone..If you need positraction replacements and or parts see this link. One common technique to identify differential ring gear diameters is cover - cover gasket shapes, to help you we have provided a list of possibilities ..

  • Identify Your Ford Truck Axle From The Door Sticker

    There's no question, the easiest way to identify the axle and gear ratio in your truck is from the door sticker. If you open the drivers door and look at the door jamb, you'll see a sticker like the one shown below: You'll see that the area labeled F is for the Axle Code..

  • What Rear End Ratio Is In My Ford Do I Have Positraction

    Ford cars and trucks from 1968 on have an axle code on the Certification Plate, information on this plate can be used to determine if you vehicle is factory equipped with a limited slip positraction rear end - differential..

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    Drivetrain catalog offering T4 and T5 transmission repair parts, overhaul kits, major components and troubleshooting help including il.rated parts drawing..

  • Chevy Camaro Rear Axle Information Restoration

    Identify the gear ratio, the build date, the plant where it wasembled the work shift when it wasembled, and positraction source - if equipped..

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