Identify Ports On A Laptop

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- Here 's a list of laptop, desktop, tablet and phone ports, along with the type and cost of adapters you 'll need to use if you don 't have them on board..

Check around the port for a symbol. In the case of older laptops with serial ports, this may be a clear depiction of the type of hardware you connect with through that port for example, a tiny picture of a printer, monitor or mouse . Step. Match the symbol on the laptop port to the symbol guides in the "Resources" section, below..Count the number of serial devices on the back of the computer. These include external serial ports and internal modems. The phone jack ports on a card in a slot can identify an internal modem. An serial port may have a mouse or hand-held computer cradle attached to it..Discovering Which Input/Output Ports Are in Use Step. Click "Start" then "Control Panel." Navigate to "Device Manager." In XP you click the "System" icon then the "Hardware" tab. Step. Select the "View" drop-down menu then select "Resources by type." Step. Click on "Input-Output Devices" to see a list of the ports in use..Identify a port on a laptop. solved How do I identify which open ports are actually needed? Help me identify this laptop part .

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