Identify Port

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- To check what port is used by what service. Open device manager Select the COM Port Right click and then click on Properties/Port Settings Tab/Advanced Button/COM Port Number Drop-down menu andigned the COM port. Starting from COM1 and changing to COM2, etc for each device. You canign Ports to each device..

Check if your laptop has a USB 3.0 Port. Then identify the USB 3.0 Port on your laptop use it to get better s.ds when copying or moving data..Use A/C Pro's Low Pressure Port Finder tool to locate where on your car you need to start when recharging your car's air conditioner..I have to make DB2 connection ina using port number. Is there any command in DB2 or any way that can get the DB2 port number? I have not used the default port 50000 while making DB2 connection .If you're not sure which port to use with your external display, hard drive, camera, printer, iPhone, iPad, or other device, the port shapes and symbols in this guide should help..

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