Identify Porcelain Doll

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- Learn the steps in this guide to help you identify the name and/or manufacturer of a doll, including how to read marketings and additional tips and info..This guide is about identifying a porcelain doll. Finding out who your doll is, and who is the maker isn 't always easy..Papier Mache Doll Menu 1760+. Paris Doll Corporation 1940s-1956. Patsy Look a Like dolls 1928+. Pedigree Sindy 1963+. Ronnaug Petterssen dolls 1930s-1970s. Pintel etchaux 1887-1899+. Maggie Bessie Pfhol cloth dolls 1897+. Plastic Molded Arts 1949-1960s. Porcelain Collector dolls 1980s+. Porcelain Walda .

Recommended Doll Book: This webpage is meant to help you identify which Shirley Temple doll you have. I have provided a range of prices to help you determine the .How much is your porcelain doll worth? Learn how to identify the maker andess your doll's condition so you can accurately determine its value..Quick Click List: Home : Store Compo dolls for sale Vinyl Dolls for Sale Porcelain Dolls for sale.A complete guide to collecting dolls, from antique to modern. How to identify and value dolls, what to look for in buying, and care and preservation..

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