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Some bottles exhibit what appears to be two types of pontil scars at once; these are covered in the combination pontil section. One other type of uncommon pontil scar/mark has been identified in the literature - the disc pontil. Although uncommon on American manufactured bottles - it is found primarily on 18th and early 19th .The first is a "Rough Pontil" or "Open Pontil" which can be identified by a circle of glfound on the base of a bottle. Usually protruding from the base 1/16 of an inch or so but sometimes just a rough circle of what looks like broken gl., these types of pontil are sharp and can sometimes off set how the bottle sits. They often .You type "glmark C in diamond" without quotes with this particular mark, which is the Cambridge GlCompany 's mark, you have found what you need and are satisfied, but finding a mark is not always that simple. To make a long story short you should always try the advanced search function if your search did not .

How to Identify Pontil Marks on Marbles All Knowing the characteristics of the different pontil marks allows you to identify which type of marble you have and .How to Identify Pontil Marks on Marbles. All handmade glmarbles have at least one pontil mark on them. This mark shows where the creator broke the marble off the .A pontil mark is a variable size and type of scar or roughage left on the base of a bottle by a pontil rod. A typical pontil rod aka ponty, punty or punte was a long 4-6 feet rod which was securely attached to the base of the just blown bottle Trowbridge 1870 ..The sand pontil apparently conformed better than other pontil types to molded base shapes without distorting it Jones 1971; McDougall 1990 . This type of pontil can be very subtle and hard to identify at times it is also hard to p.ograph ..

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    Transitional is the term used to collectively describe a variety of slag-type marbles that have pontils or shear marks on them. Amongst this type are the earliest .

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    Most varieties of cane-cut handmade marbles can also be found as single-pontil marbles. However, almost all of these are end-of-cane marbles, not single .

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    AGE. Age is another important value factor. Collectible bottles can be divided into periods that help us toign value: "Open Pontil" bottles are generally the .

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