Identify Polyester Fiber By Solvent

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FIBRE IDENTIFICATION-SOLVENT TEST - The knowledge of identifying the textile fibres helps a producer of garments to identify the type of fibre and the care to be taken in Non technical testing does not require any special equipment or setting for identification of fibre. Polyester - Meta cresol or Chloro Phenol..Fiber Identification by means of Technical test like Microscope test, Chemical test including stain method test, solvent method test etc. There are two types of methods that are used for identifying different fibers - the nontechnical tests and the technical tests. Polyester: Generally, polyester fiber is smooth, straight. It looks . - Identification of textile fiber. Polyester: Polyester melts and burns at the same time, the melting, burning ash can bond quickly to any surface it drips on including skin. The smoke from polyester is There is no individual chemical or solvent test for separating or identifying the fibers in combinations. 37..Procedure: Cut a small sample of textile fiber and holding it in a tweezer or forceps cautiously ignite with a matchstick or lighter. Observe the sample Some procedures may involve heat, and some some solvents are toxic and corrosive and flammable. Use extreme caution Polyester soluble in m-cresol. Nylon 6 is soluble .

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