Identify Pine Wood

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It is a Dining room table i I have no knowledge at all regarding wood identification, i know its defenately real wood without a doubt, i was told it could be pine but was then told it wasnt because if it were pine a table that size shouldnt be so heavy but i have no idea if thats true or not any info about the type of wood is very much .See the articles Wood Allergies and Toxicity and Wood Dust Safety for more information. Pricing/Availability: Pitch Pine is sold and mixed interchangeably with other species as Southern Yellow Pine, which is widely available as .Being able to distinguish pine from teak didn't do me any good in this case, but for the designers among you that work with wood, learning to identify wood types by sight is as important as it is basic.. How to Identify Wood. Keep in mind that a blond colored wood can also be pine. However, pine is characterized by a more distinctive grain..

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