Identify Pin Rows On Cpci

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Pinout of CompactPCI bus and layout of 7x47 pin IEC917 and IEC1076-4-101 connectorPCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect. CompactPCI is a Row 1-25: 32-bit PCI; Row 26-47: Additional pins for 64-bit PCI System Slot boards must use it . Row 26--42: B9, IDSEL, Initialization Device Select. B10, GND . - De.s of the PCB hole size and finish apply to all Action Pin contacts. IEC61076-4-101 on CompactPCI backplanes. All Ermet 5+2 row and 8+2 row signal contacts are pressfit. The cPCI reference sheet provides relevant reference material for the CompactPCI product line. The information provided .CompactPCI Connectors acc. to PIGMG 2.0 Rev. 3.0 . Bright colors for quick visual identification conform to industry standard. Crush resistant construction, exceeds IEC requirements. Type A Vertical Female All three 2.0 mm connector designs consist of multi-row pin headers on the backplane, right angle female .Additional contact rows for grounding / shielding. Side walls to protect contacts guide the connector. Guiding. Coding. Polarising. 50,0 mm. Press fit pin and visual identification. Prevents wrong mating. Flexibility on Backplane thickness. Benefits. Features. Backplane Shrouds. Type FCI Part Number. Compact PCI..

Compact PCI Bus pin out description and information. cPCI Bus signal names, and cPCI Standards listing.CPCI P2 Connector Pin Out,Pinout,Signal,names and Compact PCI Description with Connector Types and Description.336 rows Pinout of CompactPCI bus and layout of 7x47 pin cPCI is electri.y . grounded on the cPCI slot so the board can identify installation into the TABLE A-5 J3/P3 Connector Pinignments; Pin # Row Z Row A Row B Row C Row D Row .

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