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- This Quick I.D. is a way to learn what kind of snake it is that you have. Even if you only see a snake in the wild and you can 't get a close look, this Quick I.D. may help you. On each of the screens that follow you will see a pair of choices. Try to determine which of the two choices better fits your snake, and then .Just send us a decent picture of the snake, and we do our best to identify the species for you. That way, other people will benefit from the picture when researching snake identification in their area. But it all starts with you Do not try to pick them up with your bare hands, or even with a pole or stick for that matter. Unless .Have you ever seen a snake and wondered What Snake Is That? This websiteists people in snake identification. Click on a State to access a list of the snake species found in any region throughout the USA and Canada. Each snake species has helpful information and is accompanied by a high quality p.ograph to .

How to Identify a Venomous Snake. Snakes have captured our imaginationand fearfor as long as we've shared the planet together. They are the stuff of legend.."What kind of snake is this?" is a common question around the Houston area during the spring and summer months as more slithering creatures come out of the shadows .Florida has an abundance of snake species about 50, but who's counting . Out of the 50 species only 6 are v enomous. So that would leave 44 species and subspecies .Ever wondered how to identify snakes? Learn the key concepts for snake identification..

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