Identify Persian Rugs

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- If it was woven before World War 2, it is neither a Qum nor a Nain. 2. Hamadans made in several hundred different villages in N.W. Iran are tied with a symmetrical Turkish knot, have cotton warps and wefts, one row of wefts between each row of knots, and often are finished on one end with a simple .It is not easy for normal folks who are not trained in identifying rugs to know the distinction between an authentic handmade Oriental rug and a machine made rug. Flip the rug upside down. You can turn towards the front part of the rug and peruse the designs intently.. - To determine whether or not an Oriental Rug or Persian Carpet is Authentic can take many years of experience. All these can aid in further identification, and with the seasoned eye of a professional, recognition of a weave may be signifcantly easier with a highly de.ed p.ograph as the one seen .Oriental rug dealers are for being less than honest. Read this post on how to tell if the oriental rug you have your eye on is fake! The most important |.

A Persian carpet or Persian rug Persian: ql-ye ran , also known as Iranian carpet Persian: farsh, meaning "to . There are two main variations in Carpets. As important as the make is to a rug, its origin is just as vital to the design, past and skilled workmanship of .Atlanta's Direct Importer of Oushak, Traditional, Transitional Modern rugs. Since 1984, is a primer source for mini to mansion size rugs including runners, rounds .An article concerning real and artificial silk. How to identify real oriental silk rugs? Test you silk rug. About fake silk rugs from India, Pakistan, Turkey..

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