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Since 1975, UMMCO near Los Angeles, California marks to 1000+ Marking Specifications including: Spec AS478, Spec MIL-STD-130, BAC5307, BPS4106, P23TF3. ATK Tactical Systems Company LLC, Identification Marking of Parts andemblies, P-10001K, 02/18/2015. Atlantic Research Corporation, Marking .Jump to Specifications CH-46E - Empty weight: 11,585 lb 5,255 kg ; Loaded weight: 17,396 lb 7,891 kg ; Max. takeoff weight: 24,300 lb 11,000 kg ; Powerplant: 2 General Electric T58-GE-16 turboshafts, 1,870 shp 1,400 kW each. Performance. Maximum s.d: 166 mph 144 knots, 267 km/h ; Range: 633 mi .Specifications. A p.o. Boeing Vertol YUH-61 - military multipurpose helicopter developed in 1974, the aircraft manufacturing company "Boeing Vertol". The power plant helicopter Boeing Vertol YUH-61 consists of two gas turbine engines of thend General Electric T700, each of which may develop cravings in 1540 . - The Boeing Vertol CH-46 "Sea Knight" is similar in battlefield form and function to the more popular CH-47 "Chinook" tandem-rotor transport helicopters serving the American military. Both provide u.structed access to the cargo hold by positioning engine components high above in their designs and both .

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