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The Chevy Camaro Z28 was produced in the following years '67-'74, '77-'88, '88-'90 IROC , '91-'02. The only true years a Z28 was not available in any form or fashion was . Basi.y, the Z28 option was a performance package with some nice looks added to help identify them before you got to see their lights..Identification of the the SS option is possible through the Vehicle Identification Number VIN on some early-generation models as well as in later models. The SS option was not available between , and the Camaro itself was not produced from 2003 to . Q- My 2002 Camaro SS came form the factory with the Corvette LS-6 engine. A- No it didn't! No GM factory equiped Camaro ever came with a 6.0L LS-6, rather the late 2001-2002 cars Z28 and SS came equiped with the .Chevrolet Camaro Parts. See results below for Chevrolet Camaro Parts. Cl.ic Industries is America's first choice for Chevrolet Camaro parts and accessories..

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