Identify Palm Trees

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- To identify different species of palm trees, start by examining the fronds, fruit and trunks. If the tree has a tall, slender trunk, coconuts, and feather-shaped fronds, it 's likely a Coconut palm. Alternatively, if the tree has multiple trunks and yellow flowers, it may be an Areca palm..The Palm Identifier. Identify palm trees and palm tree types with a few simple clicks. Advanced methods for palm tree identification.. - With over 2,500 species, it can be challenging to identify a palm tree. So, it is not surprising that I get a lot of emails asking for help with palm .

Learn how to identify species of palm trees can be very useful when deciding which species to plant in your area. By studying the characteristics and USDA Climate Zones, your garden can be an oasis..Popular How to Identify Palm Trees How to Care for Palm Trees 7 Tips for Minimizing Transplant Shock in Palm Trees Transplanting Palm Tree to a Bigger Container.Palm Tree Types and Pictures Home: About Palm Trees. Information on Palm history, anatomy and cultivation. Buy Palms Online.With about 2,500 different species it's not easy to find the best palm for your garden. Here are 15 most popular Palm Trees listed by their common name..

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