Identify Orchids

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This pictorial shows examples of orchids and identifies the type of orchid. You can use this guide when repotting an orchid that has no label and if you are unsure which genera it is. The following orchids are commonly sold in nurseries, groceries and box stores and are sometimes sold with no label other than simply . - . The Many Types of Orchids. Learn to identify orchids. . Br.avola Orchid. Orchi/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0. . Catasetum Orchid. Quinn Dombrow. . Cattleya Orchid. Lisle Boomer. . Cycnoches Orchid. . Cymbidium Orchid. . Dendrobium Orchid. . Encyclia . - Although these plants are all in the orchid family, they vary greatly in their physical and floral morphology. Phalaenopsis. Cattleya Ethel H. du Pont x Celia . x Oncidesa Sweet Sugar 'Lemon Drop '. Dendrobium Burana Glow den-phal type . Dendrobium parishii .ile type . Vanda hybrid..So because many of you have asked me to make a in which I tell you how I find and identify my orchids .

What kind of orchid do I have? First, look to see if there is a tag on the plant or on the pot. If there are abbreviations you do not understand, look at the first provides a guide for basic orchid care with information about watering, light, humidity, fertilizing, temperature, air flow, identifying your orchid .This p.o gallery showcases the amazing variety of native orchids found in the south west of Western Australia. It can also be used to help identify orchids you have .Hi Sara! Orchids do tend to grow aerial roots, so this is quite normal. It sounds like maybe the brown tips are due to the roots not getting enough moisture..

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