Identify Opal

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Does the stone have a white body tone, or is it transparent? Look at the side of the opal - if it has distinct visible 'layers ', it may be a doublet or triplet i.e. not a solid opal In this case, one of the layers will be a thin slice of opal, attached to the dark backing..

Opal triplets can fool you into thinking they are solids. Justin shows you the top three giveaways to identify an opal triplet..I have complied quite a fews to for you to learn as much as you can about opal and where it comes from. Opal mining and cutting are just a few insights I will .Cymraeg Download our free resources to help you identify some common British plants and animals..Donate Today Movement Updates View More Updates Tweets by @OPALpdx Environmental Justice ValuesFrontline Leadership - The people most impacted should be fa.

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