Identify One Career And Explain Why It Appeals To You

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- What are you most forward to in this job? What is it that you are for in a new job? Why have you applied for this vacancy? The meaning behind the question: This question is similar to the top 10 question "Why have you applied for this vacancy?" that we discussed in the previous chapter.. - How to prepare to answer the job interview question, "What interests you about this job" along with examples of answers that you can customize..Think you 're all set? Not so fast. You must also be prepared to speak about the position. You must prove that you are the perfect fit for THIS JOB at THIS COMPANY. So ask yourself: What is appealing about this job? Why did you respond to this job description? You must be able to discuss what excites you about the work.. - Job interview question . In support of the book, Winning Answers to 500 Interview Questions: Please tell us why this role appeals to you. Why this question is being asked: To understand if this role is a good match for you or if you are for just any job. Strategy: Make it clear why this specific position is .

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