Identify Old Sawmill

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Howdy everyone! A few weeks ago i picked up this sawmill in eau claire wisconsin. Im trying to figure out who made it. It has many parts that .Farm + Industrial Antiques and Collectibles Old belt driven farm equipment: s.ers, milkers, Old 03-15-2007, 09:12:29 PM Default Re: help identify sawmill .Hmzochjr 's picture. Identifying a old Norwood. Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help identify a sawmill. I think it is a Norwood, not sure..

Welcome to the FF, looks like you have one heck of a rebuild job ahead of you. Can't help on the type but before moving anything, I would suggest you pull as much debris and dirt away from it without moving anything and take as many pictures as you can.. See my other "Identifying a 00 Frick Sawmill." This will help identify a No. 1 Frick Sawmill along with the other sizes that Frick made..Identifying Saw Marks Boards sawn on a sash sawmill have straight saw marks at a right angle to the length of the board. The key feature is that saw marks are very evenlyed since the saw carriage moves a fixed amount between each saw stroke..A Wood Identification Puzzle No solid answers for this mixed selection of antique boards, but an interesting lesson from the Wood Doctor on the step-by-step method of identifying .

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