Identify Old Sawmill

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Howdy everyone! A few weeks ago i picked up this sawmill in eau claire wisconsin. Im trying to figure out who made it. It has many parts that look like Ireland mill parts. I havent seen any Ireland mills with this type of taper adjustment though. The setworks say it was patented in december of 1907. Google . - I bought an old circular saw mill for a song; '50 's International ud525 engine and all components, including the 44" blade. You should be able to find all the information you need from Simonds International. My two cents: go find a small circle mill in your area and offer to work for free to learn the ropes..Tips for buying wood from the sawmill. How to Identify wood species. facebook - .A sawmill or lumber mill is a facility where logs are cut into lumber. Before the invention of the sawmill, boards were made in various manual ways, either rived split and planed, hewn, or more often hand sawn by two men with a whipsaw, one above and another in a saw pit below. The earliest known mechanical mill is the .

Hi, I have aquired an old circular sawmill and I'm unsure of the make. I know what a Frick, Farquar and Belsaw look like, but this is neither..I grew interested in this question after hearing apocryphal stories of old-time sawmills finding Civil War-era cannonand muskets and other strange objects .Identifying Saw Marks on Boards. The saw marks on an old piece of lumber can give information about the sawmill have straight saw marks at a right angle to . See my other "Identifying a 00 Frick Sawmill." This will help identify a No. 1 Frick Sawmill along .

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