Identify Old Levis Lines

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3 Care tag. Inspect for a care tag, if you find one the jeans are post-mid-1970s. Be aware that fakes and Levi 's Vintage Clothing jeans can have both Big E and care tag..Bullshe don 't know actual how spot the good vintage denim. i got a 550 orange tab levi 's end a 540 . - The History of the Vintage Levi 's 501 Jean. It all starts with The Two Horsend patch. I mean, it doesn 't actually - but for the sake of dating your 501 's a decipherable Two Horsend patch will tell you a lot about when your 501 's were produced. The Two Horsend patch was implemented in 1886, . - This article will help you sort and identify the types and dates of vintage Levi 's denim jackets from the three most iconic Levi 's designs: 506XX Blouse - later a care label before. If you have a Type I or II with a care label it 's definitely either a fake or a reproduction from LVC - Levi 's own reproduction line..

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