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How to Identify Cars. Did you ever drive with one of those people who seems to be able to tell you the make, model, and even year of a car .Have you ever met one of those people that can identify the make, model and year of every cl.ic car they see? Would you like to become a cl.ic car expert too?.This group is to identify or verify vehicles in old pictures, so as to help date the picture. Cars, trucks, motorcycles are okay. If you know the car, please do not submit it, as there are other groups for that..I would really appreciate help identifying the car in this p.o..

  • Nashville Police Identify 1 Year Old Girl Whod After

    Nashville police identify 1-year-old girl whod after being left in car. The continuing investigation into the child's indicates that her father, Matt Barker, unintentionally left her in a car seat..

  • Old Car Lenses Home

    Why shop ebay when you can get the proper piece right here? A bargain in not a bargain if you end up with junk, or the incorrect piece. Preferred email: if you are having trouble with this mail link working..

  • Police Identify 2 Killed In Sanford Crash Where Car Went

    SANFORD, Maine Sanford police have identified two people killed in a crash Sunday night. Police said Blake Deslauriers, 20, of Springvale, was driving at the intersection of Grammar Road and Candlewood Lane, when his car .

  • Old Car Parts Northwest

    Welcome to Old Car Parts Northwest Our new web site is still under construction and our inventory is growing. We have a huge inventory of Original Equipment Manufacture OEM , New Old Stock NOS , and New Old Replacement Stock NORS parts from ..

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