Identify Objects In Railway Reservation System

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Whether you ride the train to work every day or are planning a special bus trip, it 's helpful to know which objects are involved. A cldiagram for railway reservation system UML , like the one below, can demonstrate the de.s of your system and even help determine its needs. Use Lucidchart to build and share important .A of Railway Ticket Reservation System - Free download as PDF File .pdf , Text File .txt or read online for free. train. u Identify the Actors The actors in the system are the p.enger, the counter clerk and the reservation system consisting of form processing, reservation, fare computation Object Orientedysis OOA ..RAJIWAR SYSTEM. RAILWAY RESERVATION. 510731861 List of Abbreviations SDM IT PERT C++ OPP RTTI EOL DFD ER ERD Systems Development Method Information Technology Program Evaluation Review Technique C Plus Plus Object Oriented Programming Runtime Type Identification End Of Line Data . - This project is about ' ONLINE RAILWAY RESERVATION SYSTEM ' that automates the process of generating tickets to the p.engers. Database This clis the major part of the system which contains all 5 3.2 OBJECT DIAGRAM: Object diagram describes the static structure of the system at any 6 3.3 .

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