Identify News Feed Pages

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The posts that show in your News Feed are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook. This helps you to see more stories that interest you .You can view stories by most recent, but News Feed will eventually return to its default setting. Learn the difference between viewing News Feed by top stories and most recent. How do I hide a story that appears in my News Feed?.The objective of News Feed is to show you the stories that matter the most to you, every time. Click to find out more about Facebook News Feed.. - There are also several other significant factors that determine what you see in the News Feed, though not as heavily as those above. How Many Others Have Posted the Same Thing - Facebook creates highly-ranked aggregations of posts when lots of friends or Pages post the same thing. If a dozen friends .

The average Facebook user has roughly 1,500 stories per day that could appear in their news feed. Facebook surfaces about 20 of those stories. That's .The Facebook News Feed: How to Sort of Control What You See. Last Updated: .Another man who ran and worked on several conservative Facebook pages and websites told BuzzFeed News he got into the game because of his beliefs..A newly-updated collection of all the factors that go into the Facebook News Feed algorithm to determine whether or not your content gets seen..

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