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Identify computer and network resources that will be required in order for the system to be useable in a production mode of operation. We consider that the users in the examples below are average users in a company using the full core of Enterprise with Logistics, Sales, Accounting, Purchase and CRM..If you see more than one IP address before the router's IP address, you must have more than one network device between your computer and the router. If you see only the router's IP address, then you do not have any managed network hardware between your computer and router, though you may have simple devices like hubs and unmanaged switches..Network Inventory Advisor Figure B can help you discover the various resources on your network. It uses a simple wizard-based interface and lists discovered devices by operating system..I ran resource monitor and found that it was showing network activity even when my network cable was disconnected from the internal network router. The computer I was monitoring has it's cable to the router unplugged..

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