Identify Network Ip Addresses

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- It only takes a few minutes to determine the IP addresses of the network hardware on your network. Find the default gateway IP address for your computer 's network connection. Open Command Prompt. At the prompt, execute the tracert command as shown below and then press Enter:.

Any IP addresses you see before the router's IP, listed as No. 2 in the tracert results in our example, is a piece of network hardware sitting between your computer and the router..IP Address ClA, B and C Network and Host Capacities. In the preceding topics I introduced the concepts of IP address and showed how the related to ranges of IP addresses.Of the five, D and E are dedicated to special purposes, so I will leave those alone for now..A network address serves as a unique identifier for a computer or other device on a network. When setting up correctly, computers can determine the addresses of other computers and devices on the network and use these addresses to communicate with one another..If you are on a home/office private network and want to use TCP/IP, you shouldign your computers/devices IP addresses from one of these three ranges..

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