Identify Nettles

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Method 1. Identifying Stinging Nettle. Do an image and information search on the Internet for "Stinging Nettle" or Urtica dioica. Take a look at the entire plant. Look at the stems. Notice the type of root this plant has. Study the leaves. Look for the flower of the plant..

Urtica chamaedryoides: Nettle Knowledge. Stinging Nettles Know How I was hiking one day when I saw what I thought was a mint I had not seen before. I .Distinguishing Features: Sharp, stinging, tiny hairs encompthis entire plant. Stinging nettles have tiny, fuzzy-like white flowers. This plant has a spinach-like taste. Caution: When collecting stinging nettle always cover up all exposed skin.The swollen base of each tiny, hollow hair contains a droplet of formic acid..Nettles are perennial plants native to Europe and found throughout the United States and parts of Canada. The plant has dark green serrated leaves that grow opposite one .A poem that looks at Nettles and provides students with support on how toyse poetry. Fully resourced with sentence starters for those who need extra support .

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