Identify Mystery Noises

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Some unidentified sounds are so curious that scientists are researching the cause. part of the reason why it 's so unsettling to hear a sound that we can 't identify. One example is "the Bloop," a mysterious noise that researchers recorded in . - Have you ever had a car that wouldn 't start, heard a noise from under the hood, or felt a pull in the wheel, and you didn 't know why? Now, there . - It mostly happens in the overnight or early morning hours. Two different kinds of noises. The louder one sounds like a fizz, said Marge Hefferon, .

Have you ever had a car that wouldn't start, heard a noise from under the hood, or felt a pull in the wheel, and you didn't know why? Now, there is an app for that. Car Trouble can help with . Valves, Springs, Cams, Timing, Knock, what do you hear? is it just the loud k20, etc . Clubrsx: Gradybaby16. Morning Edition seeks the sounds of animals from listeners' backyards for a new series about decoding nature. Scientists at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will help identify . Let your kids start to learn sounds of Animals, Transportation, Musical Instruments and Home Stuff - Duration: 21:57. Annie Sullivan 161,226 views. 21:57..

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    It was a cool night for Havana, with the temperature falling into the mid-70s, and the diplomat and his family were feeling very good about theirignment to Cuba..

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    Tinamiformes - Tinamous The Great Tinamou Tinamus major is the most ancient of birds in Costa Rica.Its is ancient-sounding, simple, quavering, primieval. In this sample ones in the distance at La Selva, then is answered by another right at our feet!.

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