Identify Mycobacteria

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The Ziehl-Neelsen staining for the direct detection of mycobacteria by microscopy is used to identify acid fast bacilli. The lipid rich cell wall of mycobacteria makes it resistant to Gram stain. It can also be used to stain few other bacteria like Nocardia..Rapid identification of Mycobacterium species isolates is necessary for the effective management ofrculosis. Recently,ysis of DNA gyrase B subunit gyrB genes has been identified as a suitable means for the identification of bacterial species. We describe a microarrayay based on gyrB gene sequences that .

1. Introduction. More than 160 bacterial species of non.rculous mycobacteria NTM are known to exist, but only about 50 are reported to be pathogenic in humans .Recognized species of rapidly growing mycobacteria have increased significantly in number over the past decade. Traditional biochemical methods of identificatio.Acid-fast staining is used to identify Mycobacteria Nocardia bacteria that have mycolic acid wax in cell wall. Page 1 covers making bacterial smear..The continued growth in the number and prevalence of mycobacteria species other than the Mycobacteriumrculosis complex, and recent advances in diagnostic methods .

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