Identify My Sword

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See also: Special Interest Features. The marking of tools began with early pre-historic humans. Extremely stylized and geometric depictions of animals were often featured, with a meaning we can only guess at today. In the more recent historic period of Biblical history, arrowheads have been found with marks said to identify ."What Can I Help You Identify?". Here you will find the images and information required to identify various types of Arms and Armor. My forte ' is edged weaponry, mainly swords and bayonets collector for thirty years , so this is where I focus most of my attention. The topic of the second section is: "Can You Help Me Identify .Help me identify this..Japanese sword information for the non-collector with aids in determining if a Japanese sword is a reproduction or an antique sword..

Identification of Antique Old Swords, Knives, Bayonets, Firearms, Guns, Polearms, and other Weaponry of the World.Bayonet Identification - Identify Bayonets and Related from the United States and Other Selected Countries.Screen: Eight New Movies Arrive for the Holidays:Natalie Wood Starred as a Salesgirl Doris Day Is in 'Move Over, Darling' 'Move Over, Darling' 'Sleeping in My Bed .IDENTIFY A FIND NOTE: If You send in a find to be Identified and you receive an email from someone who Identifies your find or suggests info sources for you, be so .

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