Identify My Processor

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To get to the system utility: Press the Windows key and the letter S at the same time. Type system. Choose System or System Information. System Information window will show Processor option that will have the name, number, and s.d of the processors.. - There are multiple ways of determining the s.d of the computer processor. Below is a listing of the methods of determining the s.d. Note: Before following any of the steps below, it is important to realize that a processor 's settings can be adjusted or overclocked. In other words, software settings could . - Method 1. The simplest, just under Windows, is to display the properties system. Left-click on Menu "Start", left-click on "Control Panel" In this window Panel , a list of icons displayed, and one of these icons, you will find an iconed "System" in which you double-click it..

We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.. Intel Processor Identification Utility Freeware - identify and test your Intel CPU.Hi, I've I5 processor with dual 2.5" bay containing 1 solid state drive.CPU-Z software shows my processor name as "Intel Core i5 3427U". Now, I want to connect an .Press [Windows] and [Pause|Break] or right click Computer and select properties. On this screen select Device manager to the left . Note if the processor is Intel or .

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