Identify My Processor

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Hi, I've I5 processor with dual 2.5" bay containing 1 solid state drive.CPU-Z software shows my processor name as "Intel Core i5 3427U". Now, I want to connect an additional drive to this processor..Is there any way to check at which clock s.d my processor is running? I have already tried cat /proc/cpuinfo but the clock s.d I'm running isn't showing. I know Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin .This page lists processor numbers of all desktop Intel microprocessors. If you want to identify a processor number and cannot find it on this page then please see processor numbers of mobile CPUs, server CPUs and embedded CPUs, or use the tool on the right to identify the processor number..We'll show you how to identify the major components in a Windows-based computer in this step-by-step guide..

  • How To Identify My Intel Processor

    Option one: Manually identify your processor. Use the system utility in the Windows Control Panel. It displays information about system hardware, including processor information. To get to the system utility: Here is an example of system information showing the processor's name and number under .

  • Identify The Processor Ccm Net

    Identifying the processor architecture of your system can be useful to find the configuration and technical capabilities of the PC. This hardware which forms the core of the system can be identified from the system parameters..

  • Support For Intel Processor Identification Utility

    Launch the Intel Processor Identification Utility to know your processor deinformation..

  • How Do I Determine The Type And S D Of My Processor

    Help, and support information about determining the type and s.d of a computer processor..

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