Identify My Harley

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How to Identify Harley VIN Numbers . When buying any used Harley-Davidson, checking the Harley VIN numbers against thele is mandatory. If they do not .Where is the VIN # on a Harley-Davidson Sportster? Up close your VIN # should look like this. The letters below 4 the 5th and 6th characters in your VIN number, beginning with the letter C represent what model of Sportster you have..This is Harley-Davidson VIN Decoder. Every Harley-Davidson has a Vehicle Identification Number VIN . This number contains vital information about the vehicle, such as model, year of production, manufacturer, country and plant ofembly, type of engine, and more.. This is the Harley Davidson VIN decoder. Every Harley Davidson car has a unique identifier codeed a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more..

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