Identify My Face Shape

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- With the help of a plastic surgeon and hair stylist, we break down three simple steps to figuring out your face shape once and for all..

How to Determine Your Face Shape. The shape of your face can affect which hairstyles,, or makeup effects look best on you. To determine your face shape.My cheekbone is 15cm,jawline 10.5cm,forehead 10cm and from tip of NY hairline to bottom of my chin is 20 cm.what face shape do I have.The Ultimate Guide to Face Shapes Oval, square, round or diamond? Identifying which one of the common face shapes you have will help dictate your best haircut and .Updated 7-28-05: Shape Poems source unknown I am Cindy Circle. Watch me turn Round and round and you will learn I'm not straight and I don't bend..

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