Identify Musky Vs Northern Pike

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- Check out the easy tips below for identifying what 's on your line and what to do about it. If there are six or more on either side, it 's a muskie..Washington State now has both northern pike and tiger muskies inhabiting public in Montana and the Spokane River from Lake Coeur d 'Alene in Idaho or direct pike in any other water in Washington, please kill it and take an identifying .Study the coloration of a northern pike compared to that of a muskie. This is the surest way to determine one from the other, but be careful--both species have .

Northern Pike vs Tiger Muskie: Know the Difference Washington State now has both northern pike and tiger muskies inhabiting public waters. Both fish are "esocids", which means they are members of the esocidae family..The muskellunge Esox masquinongy , typi.yed a muskie, and the northern pike Esox lucius are both members of the Esocidae family of fish. Along with the chain pickerel and the grpickerel, these two species comprise the four members of this family found in the United States. The pike .Some areas may contain "Silver Pike", which is a mutant color variation of a Northern Pike. "Silver Pike" lack the characteristic spots of Northern Pike and have a "dark to light" greyish/blue side. "Silver Pike" have similar fin colorartion as a normal Northern Pike..Northern pike share habitat with muskellunge -- often referred to as muskie -- in many lakes and rivers across North America. Similarities between these related fish species can make identification difficult for anglers, but a few key physical characteristics make it simple to tell the difference..

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    NORTHERN PIKE FISHING TIPS - Late Summer Fall. This is the time frame for trophy pike fishing. In mid-August, numbers of trophy size large northern pike move from the cold very deep water in Sandybeach Lake to the pondweed growing in 6 .

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