Identify Municipal Court Felony Docket Transfer Case Number

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For cases that predate e-filing about 2001 for civil cases and 2005 for criminal cases , electronic dockets are usually available online. the case name s , 4 the case number, 5 the transfer number, 6 the box number, and 7 location number, all of which can be obtained from the Clerk 's Office where the case was filed..Learning Objectives. 1 Identify Statutory Authority for transferring Juvenile Cases from Muni.l Court to Juvenile Texas Family Code TFC , Section 51.08 - Transfer from Criminal Court. TFC, Section 51.02 Discretionary transfer of offenses other than traffic - No or only one previous non-traffic conviction at courts ' .Docket Code. Description. Z1, ZZ. Criminal, Traffic. 3. DJVNG. Jury Verdict - Not Guilty. Z1, ZZ. Criminal, Traffic. 3. DTCNG. Tried By Court - Not Guilty. Z1, ZZ. Criminal, Traffic Refer to the case disposition hierarchy list to determine which charge disposition to use for the case disposition. Transfer to Other Juvenile Court..We define a "muni.l court" as a stand-alone trial court of limited jurisdiction that may or may not provide jury trials and that is funded largely by a local unit of government. Non-discretionaryignment, Transfer, and Re.ignment of Felony and Misdemeanor Cases in the Muni.l Court of Marion County, Indiana..

L. laches: Excessive lapse of time in enforcing a right that can be enforced by legal action; negligence in failing to act more promptly. landlord: An owner, also .Rules of the Court web page defines the operational structure of the court..Rules of practice and procedure of the court of common pleas general division of summit county, ohio.Rule 6. Court Case Records Media Storage Standards A Application of Standards. All courts and clerks of court in the State of Indiana shall meet the standards set .

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