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Pick the Next Box Office Hit navigate_next; Activity 4: Select a Movie to Produce. 3. Identify Data Patterns with a VLOOKUP Formula. Playback S.d: Slow, Normal, Fast. Transcript Enter the search key, range, index, and sort status; Check the average ROI in the spreadsheet. Copy the formula; Change the ranges; Check .Select One Movie to Greenlight. 3. Identify Data Patterns with a VLOOKUP Formula. 4. Support Your Hypotheses with Data. 5. Wrap Up. 6. Activity Reflection. Next arrow_forward. Instructions. Create a new tab in the movie data spreadsheet. Copy and paste the information from the do.ent to the spreadsheet. Split the text .The most unique Movie and DVD screenstrivia site on the web today. Check out our monthly contest, weekly quizzes, and the infamous Invisibles.. - The 1960s were an exciting era for film, music, and history. Groundbreaking new styles of film emerged during this time. Can you guess theles of these films with just one screens.? Find out by taking this quiz!.

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